The Heart of the Home

As far as the outside of the home goes most issues were covered except for the issue of what your house is made out of, is it brick, wood, old wood, old slate, siding that needs to be replaced or siding that still has curb appeal. After considering yet one more expense and what you, the homeowner would like to do to freshen up the outside of the house needs to be considered, before the interior projects are considered. This being said the kitchen is next along the project list for the remodel, mainly because it is the “Heart of the Home.” That is, unless you have a more pressing room that asks to be answered right away.


The kitchen is supposed to be the “Heart of the Home” by many homeowners who embrace family meal time and the provision of healthy meals. Every homeowner who is king or queen of the kitchen knows just how important and time saving kitchen appliances can be to the busy homeowner. You are probably also aware that when you buy cheap kitchen appliances most times they do not last as long as you would like them to last.

The following larger kitchen appliances are big expenses that you may not wish to include in your remodel.

• Dryer
• Stove
• Microwave
• Refrigerator
• Dishwasher
• Garbage disposal
• Freezer

These big price tag necessities come in such a broad range of monetary values and brands that these purchases are strictly up to the homeowner’s budget. You can dispense with these appliances during a remodel if the appliances still have some life left in them, then you can centralize on the kitchens design and structure.

There is such a wide variety of detail cast into a kitchen remodel phoenix, which it solely must depend upon your preference and budget. Thus, it is difficult to narrow this down to a particular design. You probably yearn for your dream kitchen. You may not be able to afford to have everything desire so must fit into your kitchen design according to what you need and can afford. The best that can be done is to help the homeowner to make a list of considerations if a kitchen remodel is on your “To do wish list.”

There is the big ticket items listed above the rest is narrowed down to the following:

• Ceiling
• Walls
• Flooring
• New cupboards or simply refacing of old cupboards
• Major kitchen changes to the home’s structure
• Minor kitchen changes to the home’s structure
• Wallpaper
• Paint
• New furniture such as table and chairs if there is room in the kitchen
• New sink
• New faucets
• Counter-tops
• Lighting and ceiling fans
• Built-ins
• Blinds
• Curtains

Each of the above considerations may or may not apply to you, the homeowner; however, they are topics of interest in the kitchen area and can come up for debate with the homeowners. Designs can be as luxurious as you want your kitchen to be, or you can opt for simple changes costing less money. These decisions are yours alone to make and these changes need careful consideration.

When you purchase any kitchen additions do you prepare your purchases online through a warehouse where you do not have to pay retail prices, or do you prefer going to a home improvement center to look at, and feel your purchases first hand.


Considerations such as flooring, whether carpet, linonoum, tile, stone and any number of materials can make a kitchen look and feel outstanding. Is this a DIY project or a project where you would call in a professional floor layer. One will cost more than the other, relieve a lot of stress about getting the job done correctly or paying someone to do the job in record time, professionally, not saying the you would not do a professional job. Having projects done for you, just eliminates a great deal of burden. The subject of the floor holds true for the ceiling depending upon what you are planning. If this is a simple paint job then maybe you are further ahead to do the work yourself.

Each of the topics listed above need quite a bit of consideration and thought. Once you have made your decision and you feel comfortable with all you have to do and want to see in your new kitchen space, this is the time to follow through. Research prices at, at lease three different sites on the internet. This saves money on gas and time driving from store to store. If you definitely find what you want at a specific retailer or online store then make that purchase.