Door and Window Replacement

Storm Windows, Storm Doors, and Outside Entrance Door

The shape of the windows in a home can make or break the homeowner, if not the pocketbook, due to lost heat and air conditioning. The woman of the house is generally the person cleaning the windows, so this needs to be an easy job. All the newer windows clean from the inside of the house. If you have more than a one story home, you will definitely appreciate the ease at which these new windows are cleaned.

Older homes may have some issues that could include many different types of hardware, wood rot, casement issues, tracks, guides, locks, screens, cracked or broken windows, new weather stripping, and painting of the outside frame of the windows. This looks like a great deal to pack in, but come the winter months when the temperatures start to fall you will value your efforts to update your windows and storm doors.


If your home has old windows that need replacing and you have to use a ladder to clean the outsides of the windows, it may be a big benefit for you financially and maintenance wise to have new windows replaced. This can be a great expense for homeowners, but well worth the time and money to have this performed. Quality windows last for years and many have the built in UV protection between the sun and home’s occupants.

All of the top of the line windows can be very expensive so shop around and research your options for replacement windows. There are less expensive, yet quality windows available if you have a limited budget in mind for this project. Replacement windows need to have at least two panes of glass with gas in between the panes to help with insulation. Three pane windows are best, but the two panes work well.


Replacing old windows is very time consuming and requires the skill of a licensed carpenter. If you are not skilled in this area of carpentry, it is worth it to have the windows replaced through the company you decide to buy your windows. As before, research the website of the company, look at all of the consumer reviews and for the stamp of approval through the BBB. Check to see if the company lists on Angie’s List.

When buying new windows and doors for the home be sure to make sure you get a good manufacturers warranty.